Un Rêve

A couple walked in unison beside a lake of tranquil gold. Their reflections carried across the royal water and faded amidst a setting sun. The sky beckoned a fleet of noble stars before them, and it seemed as if their very dreams sailed across the ebony twilight.

The woman glanced into the man’s spirited eyes. He smiled and in a swift instant, knelt to one knee. Seconds froze to this moment, and the skies glistened as a ring slowly eclipsed the moon. Its silver streams rode toward the heavens and shone before the couple’s searching eyes.

Adrenaline coursed through the woman’s soul. She felt joyful tears dance along the curves of her rising smile, and her acceptance shone like a galaxy set aflame. They fell into each other’s arms, and for a brief second, awaited the moment when dawn might wake them. For it must truly be but a dream, she thought.

She held her lover close and gazed toward the silent moon. “But what’s the harm in a dream?” she whispered. And she held him all the more.

“Tout commence par un rêve” –Everything starts with a dream.

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