Library Blue

Time shifts, and I feel tense as a new chapter begins. These fleeting moments, like seasons, immerse my world in spring blossom or winter frost, in dark shadow or vibrant flame. Truly, today is a premise of ever-changing constants- a reality that what remains may become concrete, or may slowly be carried away.

Still, I sometimes grasp for the status quo. I fight like a child who holds what he cannot keep and watches helpless as time, like sand, escapes from a clenched fist. But my uncertainty conjures hope. Prayers and possibilities create bridges of opportunity. They lead me to the land of the untamed dream.

It is there, perhaps, that our stories will merge. Two unfinished tales among a library of atmosphere blue. We’ll stand above the pages of a fathomless dream, and we, the authors, will draw from a world of potential, where life’s ink runs constant in our veins.

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