Beauty is not solely found in crimson or gold. Its canvas extends far deeper into the very fabric of all things. To exist is to exhibit beauty, and that is an encouraging thought.


Do not underestimate the power of your actions. The slightest smile or softest word often carries furthest within the heart of one who is hurting. This is the rule of humanity, but it reaches to the very edges of the stars. No person or creature remains unaffected from kindness.

The “We”

We, the journeymen, are thought to explore the wonders of this world in singularity. Lone beings, granted rights to a bodily vessel, born of this world and led by the north-bound soul.

But I am not alone- nor any. For we are a collective fleet, bound in time and space as sojourners of truth.

Led by a Master who owns the sky, we draw wisdom from offered knowledge and applied experience. It is from this that I search- not only above in a galaxy of dreams, but toward the horizon for the company of mankind.




Some stories can never be captured- not for lack of words, but for sheer exceedance of what this berry world embodies. It is the monster which sleeps invisibly beneath the child’s bed. It is the form in the depthless shadows. It is the soul. It is the micros of a world which shatters when the word “love” is first spoken. It is loss. It is hope. It is life.

Winter Flame

Hope becomes a near-paranormal experience as we enter the valley where all roads meet. Some of dreams, those of failures, and that which we currently strive. All roads are tangled; laced with pain and love, connected yet separate. But in this valley, hope resides. And as a flame in winter, its essence burns new life into a raw, disparaging heart.

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